Passion and
sincerity of GoldMill
to customers

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Doing best
in one area
Philosophy of
immersing in
one area
Honest victory
with dream and
Everything changes fast every day.
However, there is one thing not changed.
That is the company doing its
best constantly for the
customers with passion.
We are a small but strong
company leading healthy
food culture with creative our
own idea and technology
We will be a company doing our
best rather being the best keeping the
business ethics.
The competitiveness of GOLD MILLL is the product quality
and emotional customer service.

Service mind of GOLDMILL is to satisfy not only customers in Korea but also an 80 year-old Korean-Chinese in Jilin City of China. We will grow up to be a company customer satisfying company rather than profit oriented company.
We will listen to the voice of the customer.

Product Planning Team of GOLD MILLl always listens to the voice of the customers. Thanks to the feedback of a buyer of South-East who has imported only our mixers over 12 years, dietitians working at Schools or Hospitals over the country, chefs of restaurants, GOLD MILL l will be a global brand with excellent quality.
We will grow to be a company challenging in world market with dream and passion not settling for the present.

Starting with ‘Food Mill’, a rotating machine of early 1990s, only we have exported grinding mixers over 10 years. We will be grown up to be a company which produces only honest products, impresses buyers and is a small but strong.
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